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Very Nice...Easy On The Ears...And Relaxing!



I am giving Rod Tate's CDs as gifts to friends so they can experience what a delight his music is. If you haven't purchased any of the CDs do so now! I listen to it on my way to work to keep me calm as my line of work can be hectic.


As always Rod baby, I love it.....I love you music. You are on myspace page.....

Lucille Morris

Absolutely Fantastic

Absolutely Fantastic! buy the CD, you'll love it!

Erica Mcfall

I absolutely love this cd, Rod Tate is an extremely talented musician and I am so pleased with each song. Outstanding!!!



No if's and's or But's about it! Simply the Best at Jazz!!!




Sybilfelita Cox


This is a beautiful CD.
To God be the glory and continue to let him use you

Danita Mumphard

Heavenly sounds of sax bring unspeakable joy

Just amazing! The musical gift that Rod has compels listeners to close their eyes, relax and just want to hit the replay button. This recent release, "My Tribute" shows Rod's unique arrangements to every song. I am recommending this and all of Rod's CDs to the lovers of smooth jazz. Keep up the good work!

Hazel Eyes

Smooth and Sweet

Rod Tate's Tribute is as smooth & sweet as the man himself. I dig his style and sound...get this cd people!!!!


Carolyn Jason

Thanks for the wonderful, mellow sounds!

This CD includes some of everyone's favorite sounds. There's a variety of tempos which takes you back and brings you forward. Definitely something for everyone! Thanks for the wonderful, mellow sounds!

Gloria Thornton

Absolutely awesome cd. It contains alot of my all time favorites.

All of the tracks are very soothing and relaxing to listen to. I would highly reccommend it. I am on my way to purchasing my next cd.

Moneshia Perkins

I really appreciated your music. It was very soothing to my soul and a glassof wine just hit the spot.(smile) You have great talent! Keep up the GOOD WORK! Your CD is GREAT! Thanks for sharing your GIFT with the world!. Peace and Blessings



The best CD I have heard in a long time

This tribute makes me wonder how outstanding of a show he would have put on were he performing these tracks live with the artists.

Betty Sampson

.it is not one bad song on this cd and a lot of fans can agree with me. this is a great cd. like , always and forever, just what it says, i will love you always and forever. the beauty never stop in what rod does. just get relax in your spot and put in a rod tate cd. and the music will exit you in sensuous wonderland and you never come out, until you are satisfied. i can listen to it over and over and over. it just that good.


Really Smooth

Just ordered it, but just listening to the sample tracks makes me more anxious about receiving this wonderful CD. Can't wait. Rod Tate, great music. The sax is the most beautiful musical instrument.

Here's what says about "Back Together"

"As a songwriter, veteran St. Louis multi-saxophonist Rod Tate has said, “My music is intended to soothe your soul and speak love to your spirit.” He accomplishes both purposefully and powerfully on his latest album BACK TOGETHER – an alternately edgy funk/grooving and tenderly chill and reflective set written and produced from a place of healing and gratitude in the wake of his entire family’s ordeal through and survival from COVID – and everyone’s ability to gather again afterwards. Tate’s meditative and soaring horn melodies are the vehicle for a journey packed with hope and the appreciation of simple pleasures. "




He's extremely gifted when it comes to setting the atmosphere.;He's a wonderful person to work with and very talented. There isn't anything I would need to warn anyone about other than getting ready for the most amazing experience of their lives.-The Knot(Hired Rod for a wedding reception)


Great Sax Player

Everything went very well. He is very professional. The music he played was awesome. Our guest really enjoyed. It was totally worth it.-Gig Salad. Priscilla J.(Hired Rod for a B-Day party)



By L. Spence -

This music is amazing. All the songs are soul stirring and relaxing to the soul. My personal favorites are "Tomorrow's Song & Lisa Serenade." I recommend this for ALL jazz lovers. This artist is number one on my list. I would love to hear ALL of these songs played in person to feel the total effect. You do not want to pass up this wonderful music! BUY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Review of the CD, Rod

"Mere words cannot express the depth of how you blessed Christ Community Church and our guest with your extraordinary gift and talent at our 48th anniversary celebration. "Anointed", "Blessed", "Humble", and "extremely talented" were just some of the words I heard people using to describe you."-Daphne Walker-Thoth(Chair, Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Christ Community United Methodist Church)

"There are times when God puts everything in alignment and this was one of them. It was for us the right place, right time and the right musician/person: Rod Tate. Mr. Tate exceeded our expectations. He came early with a professional set up and set the mood for my husband's surprise birthday party. We love jazz and have spent many hours listening and attending jazz concerts and jazz cruises. So, we know the REAL DEAL: THIS IS IT. He played a well balanced selection of classic songs and some of his own extensive catalog. Compliments, compliments and more from our guests. An added bonus we didn't pay for: the character, integrity and authenticity of the person-Rod Tate. Book him you WON'T REGRET IT!!!"

Gig Salad. Beatrice Fuller(Hired Rod for a surprise Birthday Party)

KJAZZ Radio UK welcomes Rod Tate whose music captured our attention when we received his CD ‘Until Next Time’. His music reminds us of Boney James, Grover Washington, Jr. the CD features Grovers song “Not Yet”. The  11 Smooth/Contemporary Jazz originals will keep you groovin’, peaceful and uplifting all at the same time.- Paul Rumsey, KJAZZ Radio UK


Rod clearly knows how to write romantic melodies and plays his instruments with a style that oozes peace and tranquility.
Rod Tate has independently released numerous CD's as a solo artist, proving he has the necessary drive and inner strength, in addition to the business acumen to match his musical artistry. Giving 100 percent of his heart and soul to his fans and listeners, he touches lives positively through his musical expressions. This bodes well for him in the future.
Randall Parrish,


"I think you are awesome !!! I really like your style !!! Your music is the sound that I want to achieve for Whitester Radio-Smooth jazz(via live 365)." David White, Whitester Radio(via Live Radio(live


"Three simple words can describe this saxophonist: Smooth, Soulful and Upbeat"

Peter Su, CIM


"Tate has a smooth, nice tone & his playing makes him someone to keep an eye on."

Gary Nelson,


"Smooth jazz that melts the butter on the uneaten corn." Ben Ohmart,


"Tate's jazz is among the smoothest. Profoundly influenced by '70's Quiet Storm music & the seductive, throaty growl of Grover Washington Jr. He takes listeners on a journey into a world where all bed sheets are made of satin, and there is never a shortage of red wine."

Noah E.,


"Rod Tate takes you on a wonderful, smooth & soulful journey. Smooth Jazz sax at its best !"
EchoSmooth Jazz

Love Is...(Vibin' Album) - Rod Tate

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